Simple Binding Spell

This is a simple Binding Spell that can be preformed quickly, but is also extremely effective!

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Read: Introduction to Binding Spells before preforming, this spell is very powerful!


What you’ll need:

1- An item that represents the person you are planning to bind (approximately 4″x 4″), this can be something they own, a photo of them, or even a piece of paper with their name on it        2- a black candle (which can be substituted for a black lighter if you need something simpler)        3- a stapler with staples

Preforming the Spell


1. If you wish, cast your circle now!

2. Light your black candle (if you are using a lighter make sure it is near by)

3. Take the item that you have chosen and fold it in half.

4. Now you are going to repeat the following words, each time you staple the item. You will say this with intent and certainty,

     “With this staple I bind thee (name of person) I bind you from doing harm to me or (name of someone specific or simply say “any other”)

5. Take the stapler and begin making cross shapes around the edges of the item you have folded making sure to repeat the statement with each staple.

pexels-photo (2)

6.Finally, staple a cross through the center.

7. Light this item on fire. While doing so visualize the person causing you no harm and paying you no mind.

9. Take the ashes and bury them or simply toss them in the trash

Good luck with your binding spell, I wish you protection and success!


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