Introduction: Crystal Healing for Beginners

What is crystal healing?

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Great question! If you are like me, then you know that almost all items and living beings, let off certain vibrations (vibes) or energy. Crystal healing takes advantage of the properties of crystals and gems that can be used to heal you by using the energy to benefit you.

Opal elephant figurine
Opal Crystal Healing

For example, the stone Opal is good for your eyes, hair, nails, and skin. If you feel that you are having eye problems you could close your eyes and place two of the stones on your eye lids. This will allow you to absorb the healing vibrations being sent by the opal.

Another example, would be wearing a sapphire pendant to improve your ability to communicate! Sapphire is said to open up the throat chakra, allowing you to express your ideas, beliefs, and feelings.

Different crystal healers offer different ways of practice, but commonly the patient is lying down while the crystals or gemstones are placed in the areas needing treatment or in the areas that correspond to specific chakras.

This is simply an introduction to Destiny’s crystal healing series. I am going to be writing about specific crystals and gems, and all of their properties and common uses. I also hope to research crystal healing methods and learn their techniques to share what a crystal healing session consists of. Stay tuned for more! (See below what I’ve accomplished in writing this series)

Crystals in my series:




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