What is a Binding Spell? (Protection)

Introduction to Binding Spells

Preface: There are two types of binding spells, this post is about binding for protection, not love.

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A binding spell uses very powerful magic, usually used to stop someone from doing you harm. The spell consists of you symbolically binding and restricting a person from harming you.

desperate-2048905_960_720These types of spells are very controversial in the witch community because while preforming a binding spell, you are taking the freedom of another human. You are forcing this person to stop harming you against their free will. For these reasons, some consider them curses. These spells are often used when someone is stalking, abusing, or bullying you with no right reason. Often times binding magic is a last resort when dealing with an uncontrollable person because the magic is considered very intense and powerful. (Some even say dark magic)


This spell can either be ‘permanent’ or temporary. By ‘permanent’ I mean with the intention of lasting as long as possible, it is hard to say that a spell will last forever when you’re controlling someones will. There are many binding spells available online. Also, find a list of all the current binding spells I have posted at the bottom of this page. There are many different rituals and dedications for binding. One occurring theme for temporary binding, is to take an item representing the person and place it in water and freeze it. This allows them to stop the spell whenever they feel it is not necessary. When used correctly the person harming you should feel unable to continue doing so.


Are binding spells/ Is binding magic bad?

In my opinion, intent is what matters the most. I’ve often wondered what type of karma could come from simply stopping a person from harming you. If I am harming another without a good reason, will I be forced to stop? That doesn’t sound like very bad karma to me. I am always conscious of karma and the consequences of my actions, and in my opinion binding is not a negative magic when used for the right reasons.

I have only bound one person in my life time, I don’t regret it and I am certainly glad that I did. It worked very well if you’re looking for a quick ritual (Simple Binding Spell). I also feel that sometimes we are placed in others lives to distribute karma, if you will. (I’m a libra and balance is important to me) some may interpret that as revenge but we all have our own opinions on that.


Binding Spells

Simple Binding Spell

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a wonderful day and I wish you all the protection in the world!

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