5 Reasons Learning Astrology Will Improve Your Life

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1. You Will Know How Others See You!

When studying astrology, you become very aware of the ways in which you relate to the tendencies of your sign. There are many characteristics that people will associate you with, that will correspond to your sign. By learning how others perceive you, you may become aware of your tendencies and control them when appropriate. For example, I’m a libra and I know that libras come off as very flirtatious. So in professional situations I always remind my self to not be too friendly, because it is perceived as flirting.


You may also use the positive characteristics of your sign to your advantage! For example, if you’re a leo and you’re applying for a public speaking position, your need for the spot light, confidence, and dominating personality could get you farther than someone with more experience than you! You naturally come off as a confident and leading personality, so use these skills to your advantage.



2. You Can Use Your Knowledge of Someone Else’s Sign to Your Advantage

This is a no-brainier. I use my knowledge of the zodiac signs to my advantage all of the time. When I was a young teen I had a boss that was a Virgo. Virgos are notorious for being control freaks, perfectionists, and having strong personalities in general. When we would work on projects, I would never butt-in to her plans or suggest better options (Virgos pick the best ofcourse.) I would also tidy and organize her desk before and after business hours because I know those things are important to Virgos. She has given me many shiny recommendations since!


If your fiancee’s dad happens to be a Scorpio, expect many deep long stares at the dinner table. They will come off as quiet and polite but be careful, because they love to sting at the worst possible moment. You can gain a Scorpios trust by being honest and never give them a reason to think you are hiding something! Being respectful and polite should be enough to make them happy, as long as you are genuine.



3. You can work on the flaws of your signboard-2084774__340

This tip has come to help me in many situations in my life. Libras are know for being extremely indecisive. Because I am aware of my tendencies to not make decisions, I really work on that weakness to make myself a better business woman. The symbol representing Gemini is a set of twins, they infamously have multiple personalities and throw very bad tantrums. When Geminis feel that they are getting angry, if they were to analyze the situation and understand why they have these feelings it is possible to stop that behavior. If you can have a list of your weaknesses to work on, then making yourself a better person will be much easier!


Aquarians are known for being extremely cold and sometimes emotionless. This needs to be controlled in times where social interactions are important, ex: job interviews, family dinners, personal interactions etc. Is this is a flaw you have? At least you can pretend to be more emotional in these situations in order to come off as welcoming instead of stand-offish.

4. You Can Utilize the Pros of your Sign

This is probably by far the most useful tip in the list. Being born under the stars, we all have things that we are naturally good at. We should all use these talents to our advantage. If you’ve never studied zodiac before and you’re an Aires, then you wouldn’t know that you are action oriented, spontaneous, and courageous. Have you ever thought of becoming a fire fighter? This would be a perfect position to showcase those natural abilities.



5. You Can Predict Your Obstacles Before They Reach Youpexels-photo-107958

This may sound crazy to people who have never studied astrology before, but because we know how the stars and other celestial bodies affect us, we can be prepared for our future obstacles. For example, Mercury is the planet of communication. When a planet is in retrograde (which means when the planet is appearing to be going backwards in the sky giving the illusion of stunt and failure) that means, the planets properties will negatively affect us. In conclusion, when mercury is in retrograde it will be hard for you to communicate clearly. You may find your self looking for words or not completing sentences. Think clearly before you speak and be conscious of the effect it has on us.


I hope I’ve Convinced you of at least one good reason to study astrology!

Have an amazing day and happy searching!


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