Hair Growth Full Moon Spell

Quick and Easy Hair Growth Ritual and Chant!

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Once a month for the past few years, my grandma calls me up and reminds me to trim my hair for the full moon! It’s now part of my routine, and it’s always worked for me!

On the day or night of a full moon, trim a short amount of your hair while chanting:

My hair shall grow like the finest weeds

My energy will serve as little seeds

It will grow longer and faster for all to see

To my tailbone it shall grow for me

This is my will so mote it be

That’s it! To promote more hair growth, you can also place some peppermint oil on your brush and comb your hair while chanting the same words. Peppermint is said to stimulate hair follicles!

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One thought on “Hair Growth Full Moon Spell

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