8 Must Have Aesthetically Pleasing, Modern, Minimalist Tarot Decks

Hello Everyone! I’ve compiled a list of all the trendy and aesthetically pleasing tarot cards that I’ve had the pleasure of running into! For the modern new age witches like me, who need to be surrounded by beauty. I hope you love these cards as much as I do!

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The 9 Most Beautiful, Aesthetically Pleasing, Gorgeous, Whimsical Tarot Decks
 6 Black & White, Minimalist, Beautiful, Aesthetically Pleasing Tarot Decks

1.  The Golden Thread Tarot DeckThe Golden Thread Tarot

The Golden Thread Tarot Deck is the perfect deck for a minimalist. The blackness of the cards may not appeal to all, but I love it! The best part is that the gold color printed on the card is actually gold foil. Which means they shine!! Very symbolically saturated making it easy for first time learners.


2. The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck

The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck is impressively gorgeous and reminded me of instagram. The back of these cards make me want to cry tears of joy. Rainbow, unicorn, modern aesthetic. luminous-spirit-tarot-deck-holographic-minimal-modernist-rainbow-tarot-05_1024x1024 The card itself is printed in black and white. The images are a bit strange and unique (just how I like my tarot cards!) Skeletons, Illuminati, Severed Hands!



3. The Wild Unknown Tarot


The most colorful deck so far on the list is The Wild Unknown Tarot! This deck is sentimental to me personally, so I thought I’d share it here. The back of the deck offers a neutral black and white staggered design that could blend in anywhere. The cards are gorgeous and filled with contrasts of color and black and white.

This deck offers simple and minimalistic imagery, wouldn’t recommend as a first tarot deck because there isn’t enough symbolism to understand the cards. If you love tarot decks like I do, you have to add this to your collection, it’s a very trendy and modern portrayal  of the cards.


4. Sun and Moon Tarot Deck


The word that came to mind when I first saw The Sun and Moon Tarot Deck was contemporary. I’m not sure why I connect people with no faces and contemporary art. I love this deck, it’s minimalistic, but very symbolic at the same time. The back of the deck is a grey and white mandala sitting atop a black background.


The diverse way the artist depicted this world, was very dream like and refreshing. Which is extremely appealing to me, because I am searching for details that are not there! I’m looking for expressions on faces and it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on!


5. Tarot to the Hidden Realm


I chose to include Tarot to the Hidden Realm even though it maybe a bit off of modern because it was so aesthetically pleasing! It is a very simplistic and whimsical deck. It reminded me of a fairy enchanted forest.

6. Lumina Tarot

The Lumina Tarot Deck is absolutely gorgeous. I am mesmerized by the watercolor design in many of the cards. Very aesthetically pleasing if you like colors and black and white contrast.


7. Linestrider tarot


Very minimalistic and modern The Linestrider Tarot Deck has a sleek white aura around each depiction. I sure am a sucker for water colored tarot cards.

8. The Fountain Tarot


The back of The Fountain Tarot cards have a sacred geometric design with a very vivid and diverse color pallet!


The cards are very dream-like and contemporary. The word dainty comes to mind often as I browse through all of the cards in this deck.


I hope you enjoyed the list I’ve compiled! They are all modern, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing for all of you new age witches like me!

Links to buy:

1.  The Golden Thread Tarot Deck    2. The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck                                 3. The Wild Unknown Tarot             4. The Sun and Moon Tarot Deck                                    5. Tarot to the Hidden Realm            6. Lumina Tarot                                                                    7. The Linestrider Tarot Deck          8. The Fountain Tarot

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Thank you for running into my blog I hope you decide to get a new modern tarot deck! Have a wonderful day and happy searching!

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10 thoughts on “8 Must Have Aesthetically Pleasing, Modern, Minimalist Tarot Decks

  1. Some beautiful looking card decks here. Personally I have never worked with, or been drawn to the tarot, However, I do have a lot of angel oracle cards.
    Thank you so much Destiny, for the follow of my blog. I hope you find the path that leads to your destiny strewn with rose petals.

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