A Chant/Spell to Calm You Down

Hi there! This is a chant/spell that I use when I can’t seem to calm down. This can also be used to help if you’re having a panic attack or another type of anxiety related issue or just can’t seem to find the calm in yourself.

The chant is short and to the point (Which I really appreciate when in high stress situations) Repeat the following chant until you feel that you have become calm enough to continue (in your head or aloud whatever is comfortable):

“I am Calm, I am Strong, I am Powerful”

As you say these words believe them. You are declaring these statements and they will soon be true. To some, this chant is enough. If you still don’t feel quiet calm enough, light a blue candle. Try sitting in a comfortable position with your palms facing up. Send the negative energy out of your body through your dominant hand, while you absorb positive energy in your non-dominant hand. Continue chanting until you feel that you are truly calm.

Thank you for running into my blog! Have a peaceful day!

Any thoughts? Leave a comment! 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Chant/Spell to Calm You Down

  1. I tried this before a big meeting but with Aventurine, (in my non-dominant hand) Rose Quartz, (in my dominant hand) and Opalite (in front of me). I felt so much better after, thank you.

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