0. Fool- Tarot Card Meaning

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0. The Fool

The first thing to be noted about The Fool, is that it is the ‘zero’ card of the major arcana. The Major Arcana, represents important major life influences and is also sometimes seen by readers as a journey, through each and every card in this arcana. (Read Introduction to Tarot to learn more about the major and minor arcana) I always imagine The Fool as the first card in a tarot deck, some view The Fool as neither first nor last, but as a character wandering through the major arcana representing themselves. The Fool is the one who experiences the trials of all the cards.

Key Words

0. The Fool

Quick Cheat Sheet The Fool Represents:

Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity,  free spirit, potential, with-out fear, Faith, worry-less, happy, joyful, carefree.



The Fairy Tale Tarot Card

What does ‘The Fool’ Tarot Card Mean?

1. You are Heading into the Unknown When receiving this card in a reading, it could represent the beginning of a project that requires creative thinking. To be specific, the very start of process, project, or goal you should be working towards. The Fool usually represents the first step in the beginning of a journey into the unknown. The Fool indicates that anything can happen and that the opportunities are presented to you if you’d like to pursue them. You need to complete an adventure, one that is completely unknown and will take you to uncharted territories.

29c4b41b4132f31d2e52bd01835557392. Your Innocence This card can represent purity and the open-minded energy of a child. This is generally considered a positive card when upright, it encourages you to think more like a child and become impulsive with some decisions based on gut feelings. Or can simply represent your innocence and purity if it pertains to the question asked. The Fool usually always represents the person being read, and not another person in their life. They may feel young and energized, as excited as a child who has discovered their first candy shop.

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3. New Beginnings The Fool Tarot card shows that you are reaching new beginnings, The Fool asks you to take a ‘leap of faith’ and to trust in the Universe or whatever deities you praise. This card is seen as positive so it almost assures success of your journey. The Fool is all about new experiences and personal growth. The Fool is always an indicator of newness, the querent (the person getting their cards read) may be trying new things in their love life, or career choice. This card represents fresh starts and renewals. You are back at zero (The Number of the Fool), in some major aspect of your life.

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40bf1616b82dc824e9582c95dd4638cb4. A Sign to Take a Risk be Care-free, Fearless, and Without Worry!  The fool card represents a very care-free person. He lives a life with no worry nor anxiety. He wanders even though he may not know what lies ahead. The fool is always depicted as healthy, happy, and care-free. It is seen by most as a positive card, taking the good qualities of  fool-like creative expression, courage, risk-taking, and fearlessness. He blindly follows a path even though he is aware that he does not know what is ahead. This card can mean that you need to take a chance and see what happens! The new beginnings associated with this card will be peaceful and joyous. For the Fool, the most important thing is to just go out and enjoy the world taking things with a grain of salt and a smile on your face.

5. Choice to be Made The Fool tarot card could also represent an important decision needs to be made. The fool encourages you to believe in yourself and follow your dreams and/or heart no matter how silly they may seem. Your feelings are correct believe that the Universe has it’s plan for you!

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062609d8c5eb64b92d0c46b0f507f0e86. Infinite Possibilities At the number 0, in some decks the fool is actually numbered 22, the Fool is a card of infinite possibilities. The fool is on his way to a brand new beginning, with not much to take packing, he can go anywhere and everywhere his heart desires.

7. Watch Your Step An entire post on The Fool Tarot card symbolism will be out soon, but one unifying theme that all fool tarot cards have in common is that the figure is walking along a path not noticing an obstacle right in front of them, usually the figure is about to fall off of a cliff. The Fool could be a warning card, depending on where it shows up in a spread.  As we all know, no one really wants to be a fool, as much fun as you are having being oblivious to the cliff you need to watch your step or you will fall! Keep an eye out for really good deals or offers that seem to good to be true, an overly nice stranger , or any situation where you may come off as naive in every aspect and meaning, watch your step!

Reversed World Tarot Card Meaning

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Quick Cheat Sheet The Reversed Fool Represents: 

Naivety, foolishness, recklessness, risk-taking, stagnation, Losing faith, Feeling Fearful



1. You’re Acting a Fool Reversed, the Fool Tarot card suggests that you may be acting in total disregard of the consequences of your actions and indeed acting ‘the fool’. You are trying to live ‘in the moment’ rather than planning ahead and you’re making a fool out of your self as you do.

2. You’re Being Taken Advantage of The Fool reversed, cautions you about potentially being taken advantage of or entering into a deal where you do not fully understand the consequences of your actions. Be aware of deals that seem too good!

3. Recklessly Finding Yourself The Fool card represents finding yourself as you grow, if the fool is upside down in your reading it could mean that you are disregarding others feelings around you in order to make yourself happy.

The Fool and it’s Correspondences


The Fool is connected to Uranus. Uranus is the planet for surprise and all things unexpected.

In numerology The Fool is connected to the number 0.



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Coming soon: Symbolism in The Fool Tarot Card

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