4 Must Have Items Before you Buy Your First Tarot Deck!

Here are The Four Things you Must Have Before you Buy Your First Tarot Deck. Enjoy!

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1. A Tarot Cloth

A tarot cloth is a cloth, of many sorts, that will always be wrapped around your tarot deck. I also use the same tarot cloth that I wrap my cards in to lay as a cloth when preforming a reading.


Tarot cloths can be any fabric you choose to hold your cards in. Mine is currently a pink tye-dye throw blanket that I received as a graduation gift after high school. Your cloth can be sentimental to you or you can start fresh. It can sometimes be hard to find “tarot” cloths so make sure to also look up alter cloths, The Purple Triple Moon alter cloth shown above could be the perfect size to preform readings and store. This Galaxy-like Mandala is a tapestry but would also serve as an excellent tarot cloth.


Be sure your tarot cloth reflects your personality and personal energy. You can find almost any tapestry with amazing art of your choosing with a quick online search. Do you like Kittens? Astrology? Mushrooms? I’m sure it’s out there somewhere!  The Psychedelic and The Galaxy Silhouette tapestries above are also good options if you’re into a colorful work-space that can entertain even on it’s own.

2. A Tarot Box

Along with the tarot cloth, many tarot readers choose to place their special decks in box’s to keep them safe. Most trinket boxes will work as well, just be sure try placing them in the box while also in your cloth, you will need room for both and other items if you wish!



A tarot box may also be useful if you like to keep your deck with a certain set of crystals, candles, or incense! A quick search of “tarot box” on Google and this Silver Lotus Box caught my eye, for those in the community that are uncomfortable with their tarot decks being in the open. It offers a discrete safe space. On the other hand, The Moon Box is screaming I praise the Gods and can tell your future!


It’s really important for you to choose a box that will store your cards and make you excited to read when you pull it out! This  Wooden Tarot Box and The Ohm Flower Box are small pieces of art. You can find a box to match any style and decor preferences! Give it a search!

3. A Tarot Journal


This item is not necessary, but some readers choose to keep a journal that is solely meant for tarot. This can be such an amazing tool (and a great documentation of your progress in your tarot journey.) A post on Tarot Journals is in the making! You can always choose any note book at Walgreens or Target, I personally love unique and meaningful notebooks because I get excited to fill them up! I found these Rose and Blue journals on amazon where there are many more to choose from!

4. An Introduction to Tarot Book


The tarot deck that you are purchasing probably comes with some sort of guide to your tarot cards, but you can never have enough information! That’s why the last item on my list may seem like a no brainer, an introduction to tarot guidebook. I’ve always found it rewarding to read two tarot card meanings from two different books to see the similarities and contrasts of interpretations. It’s a great place to start, if you’ve never owned a tarot deck before. Here, I’ve found these 3 Introduction to Tarot Books on amazon 1. 2. 3. I also love to skim thrift stores for new age books I found a Tarot Guide for a quarter last week!

Thank you for reading an article! Have a wonderful day!

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