4 Things to Buy Before Your First Tarot Deck!

Hello everyone! I have a list of things that will be very helpful when owning a tarot deck! It’s important to have proper storage for your cards, along with a clean surface to use when performing a reading. Journals are also very important for understanding gradually what the cards truly mean. Have an amazing day and good luck searching!

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1. Tarot Cloth

Click on the pictures if you would like to order one!

A tarot cloth is a cloth that will always be wrapped around your tarot deck.You can basically use any type of cloth that will completely cover and protect your deck. I also use the same tarot cloth that I wrap my cards in, to lay as a cloth when preforming a reading. Cloths can also be sentimental, mine is currently a pink tye-dye throw blanket that I received as a graduation gift after high school. Your cloth can be sentimental to you or you can start fresh. It can sometimes be hard to find “tarot” cloths so make sure to also look up alter cloths, the shown above could be the perfect size to preform readings and store. These Gorgeous Women’s Silk Scarves could also be amazing tarot cloths even though it’s only a scarf, any piece of fabric will do.

Be sure your tarot cloth reflects your personality and personal energy. You can find almost any tapestry with amazing art of your choosing with a quick online search. Do you like Kittens? Astrology? Mushrooms? I’m sure it’s out there somewhere!  The silk scarves above (First photo) (Second Photo) are also good options if you’re into a colorful work-space that can entertain even on it’s own.

2. A Tarot Box

Along with the tarot cloth, many tarot readers choose to place their special decks in box’s to keep them safe. Most trinket boxes will work as well, just be sure try placing them in the box while also in your cloth, you will need room for both and other items if you wish!

A tarot box may also be useful if you like to keep your deck with a certain set of crystals, candles, or incense! A quick search of “tarot box” on Google and this Silver Lotus Box caught my eye, for those in the community that are uncomfortable with their tarot decks being in the open. It offers a discrete safe space. On the other hand, The Moon Box is screaming I praise the Gods and can tell your future! It’s really important for you to choose a box that will store your cards and make you excited to read when you pull it out! You can find a box to match any style and decor preferences! Give it a search!

3. A Tarot Journal

This item is not necessary, but some readers choose to keep a journal that is solely meant for tarot. This can be such an amazing tool (and a great documentation of your progress in your tarot journey.) A post on Tarot Journals is in the making! You can always choose any note book at Walgreens or Target, I personally love unique and meaningful notebooks because I get excited to fill them up!

4. Tarot Books

The tarot deck that you are purchasing probably comes with some sort of guide to your tarot cards, but you can never have enough information! That’s why this item on my list may seem like a no brainer, an introduction to tarot guidebook. I’ve always found it rewarding to read two tarot card meanings from two different books to see the similarities and contrasts of interpretations. It’s a great place to start, if you’ve never owned a tarot deck before. Here, I’ve found these 3 Introduction to Tarot Books on amazon I also love to skim thrift stores for new age books I found a Tarot Guide for a quarter last week!

Thank you for reading this article! Have a wonderful day!

Any thoughts? Did I leave any thing out? – Leave a comment!

5 thoughts on “4 Things to Buy Before Your First Tarot Deck!

  1. I originally had a very unvisual type deck which was the original tarot Lo Scarabeo’s 1800 century tarot deck. I was struggling learning with that deck. I was able to memorize the major and minors and there is wands, cups, swords and pentacles, but when it came to the individual cards I was having a hard time remembering their meaning since the cards had no real visual appearance. Today people look at the details also in the cards and look at the whole picture any certain colors etc and able to tie all together with the true meaning of card, but get more in depth with it. I was able to get a gist on my readings, but I wasn’t able to get deeper since there wasn’t much visually to go off of with that deck. I got the Easy Tarot set that comes with the Gilded deck and a book and I am loving it! I am currently still reading the book but I am going card by card and I take the card and hold it, connect with it and the. In a journal I wrote what I feel this card represents just by the picture then I will read in the book the meaning of the card and I’ll wrote it’s key meanings in journal under where I wrote what I feel it means by its visual picture and then I compare the actual meaning to what I assumed it is which so far I am able to visually pick up the key meanings on each card and also figure out different ways the card can be branching off from one of the key meanings. I haven’t gotten a cloth and box yet and crystals but am planning on getting in next day or two. I am going to visit my local flea market which always has tons of random things. I know there’s a vendor that sells natural crystals and I plan to look for a nice silk or satin type 20×20 cloth and a handmade wooden box to store my deck in. I’ve been truly connecting to this deck which makes me want to take care of it as I possibly can and keep its vibration high and prevent outside energies from hurting it. I am though excited to eventually move onto another deck once I become better, but do know this being my true first deck I’ll forever have a special connection with it. I actually lost my previous one to a flood which is why I looked for a new one and when the flood happen I had no connection with that deck so truly didn’t care much when I had found them ruined. If that was to happen to my new current deck I know I’d feel crushed. It is very true on you won’t pick up tarot until you find that deck calling you.

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