Introduction: Symbolism for Beginners

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What is Symbolism?


Great question! First, the definition of symbolism is the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities. A symbol is a mark, sign, or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship. This photo shows each symbol for each zodiac sign.

Why do We Use Symbols?



There are many different reasons we use symbols. First, symbols are made to represent a word or idea that may take too long to write, symbols make it shorter to draw rather than to write the entire word out. For example, the periodic table and it’s atomic symbols, make it faster to communicate about certain elements. We use, K instead of Potassium and F instead of fluorine. While writing Chemistry Reports you can write C, fourteen times in a row instead of rewriting Carbon over and over again. It saves time!


Symbols can also be easily identifiable. For example, when you are driving and see a red octagon in the distance but can’t read the word yet, you know you are supposed to stop because you are familiar with the symbol. It is the same for most street signs! (If you drive) you should be able to identify the street signs above, even though most don’t have words describing what they mean! Clothing brands, include their symbol on their clothing items to make it very clear that the item is in fact from their business.


Symbols can also be used to communicate in secret. I am currently practicing to write theban, to be able to write entire sections in my book of shadows in the secret witch language! Just like the simple fish symbol, used in Christianity, which was secret to those around them, to be able to identify other Christians! (My great-grandfather has this one his bumper)


Why Do We Study and Display Symbols?

My grandmother is a massage therapist, and she has always had these symbols in her massage room that I thought were so strange and unappealing.


This ohm (aum) symbol is now my favorite thing to display in my space as well! I will have a whole post on this symbol coming soon! We use symbols to represent something that you want to have manifested energy in a room.


Symbolism Series

This is simply an introduction to my symbolism series! I am going to be writing about specific symbols, their meaning, their origins and how I use them personally. Stay tuned for more! (See below what I’ve accomplished in writing this series)

Thank you for running into my blog! Have an amazing day!

Symbols in my Series:

Ohm (coming soon!)


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