Native American Mythology / Info – as told by My Grandmother’s Wall Hangings

Native American Paintings and Myths

After finding that these sand paintings hanging on my grandma’s wall, had information and Native American Mythology printed on the back. I thought I would share it with the world. The follow article is about “Zuni Rainbow Man”, “The Yei Bichai Dance Ceremony”, “Road Runner”, “The Creation Story”, “Talking God Spirit”, “The Creation Story”, “The Rain Cloud”,  and “Great Spirit of Four Forces”


Zuni Rainbow Man


“The Pueblo tribes of the Southwest considered the Rainbow as a sign from their Great Spirit showing his greatness and protection. They appointed a Spirit known as the Rainbow Man in charge of this activity. – This picture is composed entirely of natural earth material gathered from the Southwest deserts and mountains.

Copyright 1974- Aladdin Enterprise. Albuquerque, NM”


The Yei Bichai Dance Ceremony


“The Yei Bichai dance ceremony is a complicated 9 day ritual, which involves the initiation rites of both boys and girls of the Navajo Tribe. To introduce them to the secrets of the Gods. The children first have their hair washed, a standard act of purification and are blessed with a sacred meal and Yucca leaves by the masked figures. The talking God of the East places his mask on the children so that each child may view the world thru the eyes of the Yei Bichhai. – Each member of the tribe has to participate in this ceremony four times during his life . The divine Yei Bichhai’s also offer their divine gifts to participants

This picture is composed entirely of natural earth material gathered from the Southwest deserts and mountains.- Copyright 1974- Aladdin Enterprise. Albuquerque, NM”


Road Runner



“The roadrunner is common in the South Western U.S. It’s peculiar character and speed makes it outstanding among the bird species.

This picture is composed entirely of natural earth material gathered from the Southwest deserts and mountains.- Copyright 1974- Aladdin Enterprise. Albuquerque, NM”

The Creation Story


“From the great central spirit (center circle) four torches illuminate the four corners of the world. The four plants radiating from the great central spirit are the sacred plants of the southwestern Indian (corn, beans, tobacco, and squash). The two Gods hold in their hands the symbol of power to govern the four forces. Thereby protecting and guarding the growth of the plants. The are protected by the Rainbow Man Man on three sides and two of the Rainbow men assist at the open end of the painting. To the Indian the symbol of the cross represents the spiritual force from the heaven intersecting with the earth’s forces. At that point of intersection is when all things on Earth are created. -Unique Arts Manufacturing Albuqurque, NM”

Talking God Spirit


“This Indian design represents a talking God who communication with the spirits of the four forcesof nature, (earth, fire, water, air). He carries a medicine pouch at his back which contains all the powers necessary to communicate with all the great spirits creations. Unique Arts Manufacturing Albuqurque, NM”

The Rain Cloud


“The rain cloud is the sustainer for all life. Its ability to make the desert bloom through it’s life giving rain made it the subject of much worship. A great mass of the dances by the Southwestern Indians dealt with the requests and prayers for an abundance of the life giving rain. The lightening bolts signify the fantastic amounts of energy awaiting release through the prayers to the great God spirit. Unique Arts Manufacturing. Albuqurque, NM.”

Great Spirit of Four Forces


“On his head and dress are four feathers. The feathers on the dress represents the four forces. The four squares in the body represents the four elements. (earth, fire, water, and air). The four designs hanging from his arm represents the wisdom and knowledge which are the keys to the four winds, forces, and elements. The double arrow next to his left hand represents the scripture of power over the four forces, winds and elements. The arrow over the right hand represents the swiftness in delivery of his power. The color bars at the bottom represents a small rainbow which assures happiness and joy to the receivers. The sands used in this composition were gathers from the deserts and mountains of the southwest. – Unique Art Albuquerque ”


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