A Spell to Banish and Heal a Bad Memory


This spell is designed to banish and heal a specific bad memory. Warning: In order to complete this spell you will have to either speak or write down the memory in it’s entirety (every detail you may remember). That step may be difficult to some, especially if the memory is traumatic or if they have suppressed it. This step however is very important, you are telling the universe what you want to banish and heal, if you leave details out they may come back later unhealed.

pexels-photo-1028930It is a bit dangerous to completely erase a memory. We all go through things that we would rather forget, but (for the same reason we learn from history) it’s important to learn from experiences. We all go through lessons and trials throughout life and if you don’t learn from them during this life time, the same lesson or trial will present itself to you in your future lives.

The Spell


The Supplies-

A Sage Bowl

Small Sage Stick (this spell will entail mixing and pouring of other items onto the stick so it may not be usable afterwards)

A Tablespoon each of Sea Salt, Black Pepper, and Garlic Powder,

A half a cup of Rosemary

A cup of Vinegar


1. Place an empty sage bowl (or any fire safe bowl) directly in front of you.

2. Place the Rosemary in the bottom of the bowl.

3. Light your stick of sage and without blowing out the flame repeat the following words

“Fire bright, Sage Light. What was made wrong is being made right. The memory is gone, what is done is done. All will be well, by morning sun”

4. Now, blow out the fire, letting the smoke continue. Repeat the following words

“This memory hurts me yesterday and today, but not tomorrow I will soon be healed of this harmful sorrow after this cruel memory out loud is said, erase this painful memory from my head, as I will it, so mote it be. “

5. Now is time to speak aloud the memory that you are trying to heal. (If you have chosen to write down your memory, now is the time to do so. After writing, take the paper, place it into the bowl on top of the stick and light it on fire). As you are speaking or writing your memory make sure to include all details that you want to be healed. Imagine this being the last time you ever have to think about this memory.

6. Now that you’ve described the memory, sprinkle the black pepper into the bowl, atop the sage stick and onto the rosemary. ( This is to banish the negativity of the memory)

7. Sprinkle the sea salt into the bowl, atop the sage stick and onto the rosemary. (This is for protection and purification of the memory)

8. Sprinkle the ground garlic into the bowl, atop the sage stick and onto the rosemary. (This is for healing and protection from the memory)

9. Repeat the following words

“I release all things from the past that have caused any negative attachments. I prepare and welcome new changes, new lessons, and new adventures. I welcome new opportunities to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
I call the past to meet the present, that the future may be bright. I bring myself forth from the dark, and hold me to the light. Let not the past control my present, let not my future be dark as night. meet and greet me with open arms and move back into the light
My heart is now at peace with my soul, so mote it be”

10. The final step is to put out the fire or embers of the sage using the vinegar. (This is to banish any final negativity and to cleanse the memory)

The spell is now complete! You may take the ashes and the ingredients that are left and either bury them somewhere or sprinkle the ashes outside!

 Thanks for Reading! Have an Amazing and Healing Day! I wish you protection and positive energy!

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