Are There New Zodiac Sign Dates? 2021 The 13th Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus? Simple Explanation on why your Zodiac signs have not changed!

Your Zodiac sign has not changed! A Simple and Short Explanation!

Zodiac signs thousands of years ago were determined using precise mathematical points and divisions in space; and that has not changed. The zodiac signs will not change and have not changed over the years. Zodiac signs in Western astrology are not dependent on constellations. Zodiac signs are determined by points & placements while constellations are determined by where the stars appear to be in the sky from Earth. Zodiac signs and constellations are NOT the same they are very different. The zodiac sign placement is exactly the same, however because Earth has been ‘shifting’ over thousands of years the constellations are appearing to change from our view point.

Constellations are not Zodiac Signs

Humans for thousands of years associated the familiar stars in the heavens with specific characters and stories. The zodiac signs and their characteristics were associated with these constellations but not determined by them. When you think about it, constellations are just us playing connect the dots with stars. In reality “constellations” are just individual stars that we can see from our place in space that we group together based on how close they appear to each other.

Zodiac signs are based on the vernal equinox (which is a point at which the Earth’s equator passes through the center of the sun). This marks the start of Aries the zodiac sign! Zodiac signs have never lined up with the constellations, they would be unequal in length.

What is Ophiuchus? Why it is not the 13th Zodiac Sign?


Ophiuchus is a constellation. Ophiuchus is now being confused as the 13th zodiac sign because the constellation of Ophiuchus is continuing to enter the belt of the zodiac. The sun does pass in front of this constellation some part of the year. This Ophiuchus is a constellation not a zodiac sign. In Vedic Astrology, Ophiuchus IS considered a zodiac sign depending on the astrologer. (read more bellow)

Why is there confusion?

In the photo bellow you can see the difference between the constellations which are the shapes made by the stars, and the zodiac signs which are located at the center equally divided.

Background vector created by –

There are two different types of astrology being practiced today; Western and Sidereel also known as Vedic). Western Astrology is based off of the determination of the zodiac signs and their precise mathematical points. The other astrology known as Vedic Astrology is based off of the constellation’s position and Earth’s actual location in space. Over many centuries Earth has shifted it’s position a bit from the times of the ancient people who studied it. Therefore, in Western astrology the constellations do not match up with the zodiac signs as they kind of did before. The real question here is whether you personally believe in Western Astrology or Sidereel (Vedic) astrology. Neither of these are new concepts, they have been around for thousands of years living in harmony.

Western Astrology vs. Vedic Astrology

Western AstrologySidereel Vedic Astrology
Zodiac Signs are Determined by Astronomy’s Vernal Equinox Zodiac Signs are determined by constellations and star placement
Astrology studied in the Western part of the world. A traditional Hindu Astrology.

The zodiac signs in western astrology have never been determined by the constellation’s placement. The Zodiac wheel is separated evenly between 12 different zodiac signs each having a 30 degree span. The first sign is determined by the Vernal equinox and all the others follow behind. In the photo to the left the Western Zodiac wheel is separated into 12 equal parts.

The zodiac signs in Vedic astrology are determined by the literal location of the sun, the Earth, and the constellations. That being said, the ‘signs’ that would be in Vedic include 13 signs that are separated based on the actual size of the constellations. As you can see the photo on the right is Vedic and is not separated evenly between the signs

In conclusion

Your zodiac sign is the same as it always is and always will be. Even though it is true that the sun passes in front of the constellation Ophiuchus, the zodiac signs will forever be unchanged.

All photos Unmarked are courtesy of Pixabay!

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