Manifestation and Thinking Positive

Manifestation has the power to create anything and everything just with intent and thought. Don’t focus on what you don’t want to happen, because manifestation does not know negative or positive thoughts; it only knows attention and focused energy. For example, by repeating in your head “I hope I’m not late, I hope I’m not late, I hope I’m not late.” when seeing a street light you might say “Don’t turn red, don’t turn red, don’t turn red.” This may seem like a positive thought and unharmful but you are unintentionally focusing all of you energy on being late and having obstacles. You need to train your mind to focus truly on what you want to happen in this universe. Instead say “I know I’ll show up to work on time, and have a pleasant productive day. All of these street lights will be green and I’ll be able to gather my thoughts before walking in the office.” If that seems too much to repeat in your head just simply change your expressions. Repeat “early, early, early, early” instead of I hope I’m not late. When passing those lights repeat “green, green, green” instead of Don’t change to red. Think positively, actively listen to the thoughts you repeat to yourself.  

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