What is a Trine in Astrology?- How can I Interpret a Trine in Astrology? (Aspects for Absolute Beginners)

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This post refers to a trine formed on your birth chart or based on your birth date. A trine is formed on a birth chart and is known as an aspect of astrology. I will be explaining slightly what these two terms mean but you may need to also reference “What’s a Birth Chart” and / or “What are aspects in Astrology” to understand the entire concept.

What’s a trine? Short Answer: A trine means harmony between the planets involved.

What is a Birth Chart?


The photo above is a birth chart. Every person’s birth chart varies, to look up your’s click here and fill the information on the page. It shows where the planets were on your date of birth and exact time of birth! Do not let this overwhelm you, I promise it is not as scary as it looks! This chart has an awful lot of shapes in the middle of it! These shapes in the chart are made by “connecting the dots” the dots, being the planets. The planets are the symbols around the outside of the charts. They are in these positions on your chart because this is where the planets were on the day of your birth!

For example, the photo below shows how birth charts connect planets. Venus is connected to the moon (The pink symbol is Venus and the moon symbol is the moon.)


 This photo below will give you an idea of how the planets connect to make the entire birth chart! Venus is connected to the moon, and Mercury (on the left) is connected to Saturn (on the right).


Each planet is connected to other planets until there is no possible connections left. Don’t worry, we’re only going over one shape (or aspect) in this post. We are going to be talking about the trine or the triangle, that occurs when the connections of planets happen to form a triangle shape!


There are other aspects in astrology including squares, oppositions, conjunctions, etc. Each of these influence your chart in different ways, and these aspects influence our personalities and life. These concepts in astrology can become complicated because you mostly need to have a firm grasp of the meaning and representation of zodiac signs in astrology, the houses in astrology, and the ruling planets of each, not to mention you should also be familiar with your own birth chart. However, I will be explaining what a trine is as simply as possible!

What is a Trine?

Literally speaking, a trine is a special angle created by your birth chart, where planets and other astrological points are about 120° apart in the circle. A trine forms a triangle when looked at on a chart! They are always spaced 4 signs apart.


The two photos above show a triangle in a circle, or in astrological terms, a trine in a birth chart. (Notice the birth chart is a calendared wheel that contains the 12 zodiac symbols.) In these birth charts, all of the other shapes are gone just to show you this shape. There are many many layers to these astrological charts. The points where the triangle’s straight lines connect are the objects that make this triangle or trine!

What does a Trine mean in Astrology?

A trine in astrology represents harmony & easy flow. Among the aspects or planets involved. It is a fortunate aspect to have in your chart! It shows you an area for potential creative expression. The planets involved work in a satisfying matter. This is said to be where natural talents lie! This aspect improves other adverse aspects that may be present. The planets stimulate one another to increase activity and success! Trines reveal themselves as gifts, talents, & natal advantages!


For example, if you have a trine in your chart, that means there are three different connections that made it so! Let’s say that Venus is connected with Neptune. What this means in astrology, is that the meanings behind these planets will be at peace and harmonious. So to continue, Venus is the planet of love, and Neptune is the planet of creativity and imagination. If they are connected in a trine that means your love and creativity work well with each other, they create harmony in your life. (More Information on interpreting your trine below)

A trine is considered a “soft aspect” I believe this is because you do have to work on your trines. For example, you could be an amazing world class singer, but choose to do nothing with your talent. The same can be compared to a trine. The planets compliment each other well and will flow with ease, if chosen to be pursued.

An opposition is astrology is a straight line or a line at about 180 degrees, the planets involved are directly across from one another, which creates a tug of war, more importantly an opposition causes friction. When one of the lines in your trine on your birth chart happens to also be an opposition, the trine eases the friction and the planets become harmonious and stable like the structure of a triangle!

How to Interpret Trines! With Examples


The birth chart above shows only one trine of this person’s chart (as you have seen above in the first photo, many shapes overlap each other making many different aspects in a chart). The points where the triangle’s straight lines connect are the objects that make this triangle or trine! When these planets connect we refer to it as                             “Planet” trines “Planet”.  For example, Neptune trines Venus.

For example, in the photo above Venus (pink symbol) trines Saturn (red symbol) these two planets make up one side of the triangle! Jupiter (blue symbol) trines Saturn connecting them makes another side of the triangle.Venus also trines Jupiter (blue symbol), which makes up the third side of our trine!

There are 3 steps to interpreting what your trine means. Step one is to identify and define your planet (Venus the planet of love), Step two is to identify what sign that planet is in (Leo the Lion), Step three is find what house it is affecting (III Communication). I will fully explain how to do this below!


1. The First Step to interpret what your trine means is to find the planets involved. 

Just like I explained above, there are many aspects to interpreting your trines. The first step is to understand what each planet means in astrology. Here is a quick simplistic list of the planets and other objects on a chart.

Quick Reference to Planet Meanings in Astrology

Sun- Ego     

Moon- Inner Emotions     

Mercury- Communication & Thoughts

Venus- Love      

Mars- Passion & Aggression   

 Jupiter- Luck & Abundance

Saturn- Duty & Achievement   

 Uranus- Rebellion & Revolutions

Neptune- Creativity & Imagination 

 Pluto- Purging & Catharsis   

Ascendant- Attitude

female-1294228__340This means that if these planets trine, you can know what is complementing each other. For example, Mercury trines Venus, this would mean that your communication and thought process is harmonious in the way you love! Maybe your communication makes you more lovable, or you are able to communicate your love in a peaceful way! You can mix all of the planets that trine on your chart and you will know that they work well together!

2. The Second Step to interpret what your trine means is to find the signs that your planets are in!

If you are familiar with astrology, then you probably know this concept. (Your Moon in Libra, Venus in Virgo, Ascendant in Aries etc.) But for those who do not know, on your birth chart, each planet has a sign based on where it was on the sky, when you were born.


In this particular photo the Venus is in Pisces (the pink symbol represents the planet Venus and is in the Pisces placement on the wheel) the Jupiter in Cancer (the blue symbol represents Jupiter and is in the Cancer placement on the wheel) and the Saturn in Scorpio make a triangle on the chart. These three planets, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are all 120 degrees apart, forming the trine.


Here is how to interpret the trine above, we’ll focus on one first, Venus trines Juptier. We know from the chart above that Venus is in Pisces. If you research Venus in Pisces then you will know that their love is unconditional when in this placement. We also know from the chart that Jupiter is in Cancer. If you research Jupiter in Cancer then you will know that their luck is abundant when in this placement. So finally, this Venus trines Jupiter, means their unconditional love will stimulate and work smoothly with their abundance of luck!

The zodiac signs are a bit more complicated to create a quick chart, if you just google the placement, you can find short descriptions! (Posts Coming Soon!)

3. The Third Step to find what your trine means is to find what Astrological ‘House’ this is happening.

This concept confused me for a long time, and I intend to explain it well to not confuse you! Here are two birth charts placed next to each other

Notice the inner tics of the inner circle. It starts with AS (your ascendant), then II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IIX, IX, MH (Midheaven), XI, XII. These tics and sections represent the “houses” in your birth chart. Only focus on these tics for now!


These sections are called the houses of astrology! Each house has their own meaning. (Short meanings below). Each birth chart will have different signs in their houses. In the photos above, Venus and Mercury are in the eighth house. Saturn is in the second house. Pluto is in the ninth house etc. The placement of these columns never change, the houses will always be in that position, the thing that changes is the turning of the zodiac signs on the wheel.

Notice above that the symbols are all in different places on each chart. Aquarius is near the 1st house on the first photo, on the second it is in the 12th house, on the third photo is is in the 4th house.

Quick Reference to House Meanings in Astrology

I First House– Self  

II Second House- Possesions

III Third House- Communication

IV Fourth House- Home

V Fifth House- Love

VI Sixth House- Health

VII Seventh House- Relationships

VIII Eighth House- Death

IX Ninth House- Exploration

X Tenth House- Career

XI Eleventh House- Groups

XII Twelfth House- Wholeness 

Now, to finally put all that we have learned together, we know that we have a trine. We have found the three planets that are involved and their connections. We’ve also found the signs for each planet. Now let’s add the extra dimension of knowing what it means in the house it is in.

Let’s look at a new example and start from the beginning!

We know from the chart above that there are three connections that create this trine.

Mars trines Venus.

Venus trines Mercury.

Mercury trines Mars.

Step one, find the planets, we know that Mars is the planet of passion and aggression, 1000px-Mars_symbol.svg.pngand also the Venus is the planet of love. Step two, find the signs, Mars is in Virgo and Venus is in Taurus. So far, we have researched that this Mars in Virgo means this person is goal oriented and practical, and that this Venus in Taurus means this person is stubborn in love. Step three is to find out what area of life this is happening in! (What house). Mars is in the 12th house, the house of wholeness; Venus is in the 8th house, the house of health. 

To summarize, Mars trines Venus in this chart means, their passion (mars) for practicality (virgo) which is associated with their sense of wholeness (12th house), is in harmony with their stubbornness (taurus) in love (venus) which is mainly affecting their ability to let things go and pass (or death; 8th house).

For example, because they are so practical in their passions, they feel that they are complete in themselves, their love may be in harmony with this practicality and help their understanding of letting things go in relationships.  

I hope I’ve given you some understanding of what a trine is in astrology!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts or questions!

Thank you for stopping by and reading an article! Have an amazing day!


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