6. Lovers – Tarot Card Meaning

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6. The Lovers

The sixth card of the major arcana is “The Lovers,” the major Arcana, represents important major life influences and decisions. This card was once known as the “Love” card which more accurately describes the meaning of this card. So really, it’s about one person being “in love” with someone or something rather than a pair of lovers. This widens the meaning of the card from romantic to anything you can think of in your life that you genuinely love. Below are eight interpretations of this card, along with two reversed card meanings, and finally the correspondences to the “The Lovers”

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 Quick Cheat Sheet The Lovers Represents:

Love, Union, Relationships, Decisions, Harmony, Strong Attraction, Romance, Conflicting Choices

 ‘The Lovers’ Tarot Card Meaning

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21. Love Most beginners will first think that this cars obviously represents lovers and romantic relationships. (Although this meaning is less likely than the others I will address it first). If you are single this card can very well mean that love is on it’s way, especially if the question was centered around love or relationships. The person you are going to be romantically involved with will be very influential of your life. The Lovers may be indicating that this new relationship will be successful and of deeper significance than previously thought. If you are in a relationship the lovers card points to a balancing and harmonious era of that relationship! The Lovers tell of mutual love and of a perfect couple. The mutual attraction and importance of the major arcana imply that relationships will be loving and everlasting.

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22222. Harmony This card could represent harmony in your life. The Lover’s card is the sixth card of the tarot, which in numerology represents harmony. The Lover’s card also is connected to the zodiac sign Gemini (the twins). Both of these connections being centered around two sources being in good balance, fairness, harmony, and familiarity. It can represent the beautiful balance that you have in a relationship or the feeling of being at peace. Something in your life will be in balance and in harmony.

3. Strong Attraction The lovers card could simply mean that are feeling a deep attraction for something or someone in your life. This card can mean that you have found a hobby, a job, a best friend, a new boyfriend, that you are genuinely subconsciously attracted to. A lot of the time this can point to a strong psychic attraction to a person, situation, decision, or physical items.

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4. Moral Crossroads- The Lovers card is very much connected with fate and Divine power. You may find yourself in a situation where your morals are being tested and you may feel as if you are at a crossroads. You may need to reevaluate your morals and standards, because they are being challenged. You are going to be making a choice, and there is a correct path and an incorrect path even if it may not seem obvious in your situation. Think about your decisions and the consequences for every challenge you encounter, even if it seems insignificant.

5. Decisions and Choices The Lovers also represent choices on a grand scale, life changing choices, or decisions that could change your life. The Lovers card warns that you select your choices with care as the outcome is very important and will affect your future. These choices must be made in order to spiritually grow. At least one of the decisions will lead to a happy and successful future. Make sure to think hard about this choice and make the right decision.

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36. Follow your Heart It is possible that when this card is drawn,  it is representing a time in your life when a decision is being made conflicting your heart and your brain. The lovers card suggests that going with your heart will ensure a successful journey. Follow your in the decision making process.

7. Divine Implications The lovers card is also interpreted as having a divine powerful connection, it can represent the establishment of a spiritual foundation. It asks you to take a look at your values and morals.

Reversed Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

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Quick Cheat Sheet The Reversed Lovers Represent: 

Disharmony, imbalance, bad decisions, strong oppositions, arguments, and disagreements

1. Trouble in a Relationship This may relate to a lover, family, friend or work relationships. There is a strong sense of imbalance, unhappiness, or deceit. You may be realizing that your values are different from the person you are feeling this towards, this suggests that this may be a in resolvable difference ending the relationship. A strong opposition is between you and someone or something that you love. The result will likely end in a break-up if the harmony is not restored.

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2. You’re making the wrong choice The reversed Lovers card suggests the probability of making the wrong choice or decision. Do not make decisions too fast, think about your future and do not stay indecisive. Action is needed this decision is important and will be important for the rest of your life.  This could also be telling that you have already made a rushed decision and you need to right this wrong before it is too late to move on!

The Lovers and Other Correspondences

yotsiku tarot                                                           Gemini                                                              Wild Unkown Tarot


Gemini Tapestry

Wild Unknown Tarot

The Lovers card is associated with the Gemini Zodiac symbol

The symbol for The Lovers is a 6 pointed star

The number 6 is the number of unconditional love and harmony in numerology.

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