Ethics Policy

Karma is real and effects us every single moment! I will never promote a product/service/brand if  I do not genuinely enjoy their product. All opinions that are expressed are my own! I do not promote any products that do not fit in my blog or niche of tarot, astrology, magic, and more! I will explicitly state when a post contains a sponsored item or when I receive free items to review!

Private Information

The only private information you may be asked for while browsing Destiny’s Spiritual Journey is your email address. I am a firm believer in protecting privacy so your email will never be shared with anyone other than the single CEO.

Posts with Affiliate Links

I have many posts that contain “affiliate links.” That is, a link that I have taken from a website and placed on my website for a product. When you click on this link and purchase something I earn a small fee. Most of the links on my blog however, are not affiliate links and I do not get anything to provide the link. (Read my Ethics Policy) I simply do it to make the product more accessible! Another note, I will always specify weather a company has specifically asked me to include their link in the post by referring to them as ‘provided affiliate links’. Most of the affiliate links I include on my blog are just affiliate links I have found myself and wanted to share!

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Reviews of Products/Services/Brands

When approached by a company I will never tell a lie about a product because I am associated with them. All opinions of the items on my blog are true, and my own unique view. I will specify on posts that contain items sent to me or sponsored posts.