Aquamarine Crystal Healing Properties! March Birthstone Meaning!

As I am writing this, it is a few days before the first day of March 2018, I thought I’d continue my Crystal Healing Series and add Aquamarine, the birthstone of March to the list!

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Introduction to Aquamarine!

41uk-rodfqlAquamarine is the birthstone for March and also the 19th Marriage Anniversary gemstone. “Aqua” is the Latin word for water and “marine” means “of the sea.” Put together the stone was known as water of the sea. Probably because of the gorgeous color of the stones capturing the vibrant colors of water from the ocean!

Aquamarine Mythology



This stone was known as the treasure of the mermaids! There is a strong mythological link between aquamarine and the element water. Not only is this stone connected to water, specifically the soothing traits of the ocean. Blue has historically always represented spiritual connect, wisdom, and emotions.  According to the legends, seamen used aquamarine as a protective talisman. This stone gives confidence in traveling over the ocean and seas, because you are one with them.

Are Aquamarine Crystals Available

Aquamarine Stones


Aquamarine is found mainly in Brazil, Russia, Kenya, the Midwestern United States, and Madagascar. This stone is gorgeous and available to purchase at reasonable rates.

Aquamarine’s Crystal Healing Properties

Aquamarine Close                 Aquamarine Crystal

Emotional & Spiritual Impact of Aquamarine

Aquamarine March


This stone has a very strong emotional and spiritual connection. This stone can initiate enlightenment, awareness, and the opportunity to become self aware. This stone is connected to the element water. Water is connected to emotions and feelings, so this crystal will impact your emotions.

Relationships & Love



Aquamarine has been known to positively affect relationships! In ancient Rome, couples would gift aquamarine stones and jewelry to represent true love. The stone allows you to be a better partner in a relationship in several ways. Because of the connection to water, this stones makes you more understanding of other feelings! This will cause less arguments because you will be able to sense when your partner is upset. You will be more in tuned with their emotions and reactions. This stone is a calming stone, you won’t be as judgmental, annoyed, angry, or mean. This stone mellows all negative emotions and allows you to fell in the moment.

Be Courageous

lion-peekaboo-print-prints.jpgAquamarine is known to heighten courage! This stone grants you courage and reason when faced with confrontation. If you’re having trouble confronting someone wear this stone close to your skin. It works by calming your nerves and doubts about the situation you are going into, this gives you the courage to say what you mean with out holding back


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Diseases and Ailments



Because of its connection to the oceans and sea, it is said to help cleanse the water in our bodies, which makes up for more than half of your body. Aquamarine is said to help to remove emotional toxicity. It can also be  considered an all-purpose healing stone that helps with many ailments and disorders.



Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra! So it can be very helpful for people with thyroid problems, a sore throat, grow of hormones. Pretty much any ailment in the vicinity of the neck and throat. It is excellent for swollen glands when you are sick and in pain.

How to Wear

1   2   

To get best results with Aquamarine, wear them on your skin! Aquamarine jewelry is inexpensive and gorgeous! Because it is connected to the throat chakra, it is best to wear an aquamarine pendant necklace to give the stone a chance to lay on your skin at all times in the place it is meant to heal! If used as a pendant, try to place the crystal as close to your throat where you feel comfortable.

Intellect and Aquamarine



Aquamarine has the ability to uncloud your head! It improves your intellectual capacity allowing you to think more clearly. This helps much more than just thinking clearly, with a clear mind you are able to gather knew knowledge and retain it better. It will become easier to answer complex problems. This stone also reduces the urge to procrastinate!

Protective Stone

moby-kfs-printsThis stone is also known as a protective stone! Especially to people who are travelling anywhere by water, or to people who live near a large body of water. Sailors would use this stone in ancient times while travelling because they believe it protected them. This stone also offers an emotion protection, allowing your emotions to be protected from harm or disbalance.

The Whale



As Aquamarine is connected with the Throat chakra, it makes it easier for us to communicate. It opens the chakra and allows us to get our points across more clearly and prompt. Great stone for giving speeches and going into interviews. If you have a fear of speaking Aquamarine will allow you to overcome that fear. Communication is also very helpful in relationships, it allows you to be more honest and open.


Positive Energy to Everything Around Aquamarine



Aquamarine is known to not only cause peace and tranquility to it’s wearer, it seems to cast a bubble of calming energy everywhere it is! It is not known whether the wearer of the jewelry’s positive mood puts other around them in a good mood or if it is the stone itself! The soothing association of aquamarine is unique. It is said to calm by capturing the energies of the ocean waves.

Calms Doubts

Third Eye


The energies emitted from wearing this stone, will calm the questions that constantly clutter your mind. Because of the spiritual connection of this stone, your mind will be at peace. You will understand that there is a plan for you and that everything will be good in the long run. It also allows you to let go of the negative experiences that make us doubt our selves. Allowing your mind to rest and stop worrying.

Peace and Tranquility


Aquamarine is the best stone for peace and tranquility! This stone is great for stressful situations or periods when you need peace back in your life. This stone does not allow you to stress, get angry, or be negative! Peacefulness is also achieved by gaining inner strength and confidence.

Be Happy

Chakras Associated with Aquamarine


Throat Chakra

Aquamarine is associated with the Throat Chakra! It allows for clear communication and healing of thyroid and any throat related ailments.

Zodiac and Aquamarine


Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for the zodiac sign Pisces!


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