Astrology 100: Astrology for Absolute Beginners- What’s your sign?

This is an introduction to a very complicated and detailed subject, so I will do my best to keep it simple. If you already have basic knowledge of astrology this will probably be too basic for you, check out some other articles in the Astrology Series-

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Astrology is the study of the stars and other celestial beings, their position in space, and how they effect human behavior.

Positions in Space!


Rose Quartz Runes

Your zodiac sign is determined by the day of the year you were born! As you may know, stars move around the sky in a regular pattern, just as the sun rises and sets on a regular schedule. Earth orbits the sun, and makes it appear as if the sun were passing in front of a constellation! There are 12 different constellations that the sun could be “passing” and it changes depending on the season and time of year! This is how we find your zodiac sign (also known as your sun sign)


The 12 constellations, cover an area in the sky where the sun seemingly makes it’s path around the world. In the belt of the zodiac, these constellations are separated into 12 equal parts. See the signs and constellations bellow!


What’s your sign?

That is what people are referring to when they ask ‘What’s your sign?’ Here’s the answer,

db78dda98e08eb3849cc3fb1251ccb42If you were born March 21st- April 19th then you are an Aires (air-eez). In astrology the ram represents an Aires.




m-taurusIf you were born April 20th-May 20th then you are a Taurus (Tour-us). In astrology the bull represents a Taurus.





If you were born May 21st-  June 20th then you are a Gemini (gem-in-eye). In astrology the twins represent a Gemini.






If you were born June 21st- July 22nd then you are a Cancer (can-sir). In astrology the crab represents a Cancer.




If you were born July 23rd- August 22nd then you are a Leo (Lee-oh). In astrology the lion represents a Leo.




If you were born August 23rd- September 22nd then you are a Virgo (Ver-go). In astrology the virgin represents a Virgo.




If you were born September 23rd- October 22nd then you are a Libra (lee-bruh). In astrology the scales represent a Libra.



If you were born October 23rd-November 21st then you are a Scorpio (Scor-pee-oh). In astrology the scorpion represents a Scorpio.



If you were born November 22- December 21 then you are a Sagittarius (Saj-it-air-ee-us). In astrology the archer represents a Sagittarius.



If you were born December 22nd- January 19th then you are a Capricorn (Cap-rih-corn). In astrology the sea-goat represents a Capricorn.



If you were born January 20th- February 18th then you are an Aquarius (Aquar-ee-us). In astrology the water barrer represents an Aquarius.




If you were born February 19th – March 20th then you are a Pisces (Pie-seez). In astrology fish represent a Pisces. Often Ying-Yang


Each sign has an item that represents some of their traits, and are always associated with the sign. For example, Leos are lions, Scorpios are scorpions etc.  (Did you notice that I started with Aires people, whom are born in March instead of Capricorn people whom are born in January. Astrologists always start with Aries and end with Pisces. We’ll research that later) Astrologists believe that these signs all have an influence over our personalities. We’ll get into the traits of each sign soon! For now here are the symbols for each zodiac sign!

Zodiac Symbols!


A detailed description of each zodiac sign are coming soon! A few other things that astrologists take into consideration when determining your personality is the placement of all of the planets, the moon, and your ascendant. We’ll explore in-depth all of these topics as well.

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