9 Must Have Beautiful, Gorgeous, Aesthetically Pleasing, Whimsical Tarot Decks

Hey Everyone! I’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous, and whimsical tarot decks that I’ve had the pleasure of running into! For the modern new age witches like me, who need to be surrounded by beauty. I hope you love these cards as much as I do!

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8 Must Have Aesthetically Pleasing, Modern, Minimalist Tarot Decks

1. The Starchild Tarot


The Starchild Tarot Deck is one of my favorite decks! It has the most unique imagery, I love the color pallet and femininity of The Starchild!

2. Paulina Tarot


The Paulina Tarot Deck is one of my favorite decks to observe! You can see a new detail with every viewing! The colors are amazing and beautiful. This is the most whimsical deck on the list! I hope you enjoy it!

3. Ostara

The Ostara Tarot Deck is so colorful and detailed. The colors are vibrant, the cards offer imagery that is different than the classical deck. Ostara is the Pagan holiday parallel to the christian Easter and I believe that feel and theme can be seen through the wonderful art in this deck!

4. The Good Tarot

The Good Tarot Deck is very dream like and has amazing calming cards and colors. While looking at this decks, I always think of fairy tales and relate them to the art. I also love how each card vaugley looks like it is underwater! Beautiful tarot deck!

5. The Fountain Tarot 

The Fountain Tarot Deck is probably my favorite tarot deck for the modern imagery portrayed! The cards are so simple, yet very profound and vibrant! In my opinion, this deck is great for beginners because you can really tell the story behind each card, simply by seeing the art!

6. The Enchanted Tarot

The Enchanted Tarot is different from the other cards here, it is a bit more classic then the others. This is by far the most detailed deck in the list! Very gorgeous deck with tons of color! Each card is very interesting and unique from each other, not following a direct theme with each card having a completely new look!


7. The Lumina Tarot

Lumina Tarot is perfect for any one that wants an minimal, colorful, simple, and modern design. Water color is one of my favorite art types!The crisp whit surrounding most of the card allows you to focus on the symbols shown! Amazing deck and would recommend for anyone looking for a beautiful, modern deck!

8. The Linestrider Tarot Deck


The Linestrider Tarot Deck is very simple and minimalistic! Like the lumina, this deck is surrounded by a crisp and modern white boarder. This deck is colorful and full of animals to symbolize the meanings of the cards! Very beautiful deck!

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